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[Haberstroh] Kawhi Leonard is shooting 24 of 30 (80%) on shots between 10-14 feet in the playoffs. . These are better than layups for him. It's insane.

NBC体育记者Tom Haberstroh日前发推表示:“卡哇伊-莱昂纳德今年季后赛在10到14码之间,出手30次命中24球(80%命中率)。太疯狂了,这个杀招对他而言比上篮更管用。”


[–][MIL] D.J. Wilson RecalcitrantDuck 839 指標 12小時前

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player take as few tough shots as Kawhi. Every possession he gets to his spot and takes exactly the shot he wants, it’s insane. If he wants to take a 10 foot jumper, nobody in the league can stop him from getting a good look


[–][TOR] Pascal Siakam MrGrieves- 10 指標 6小時前

I think it helps most D's are designed these days to limit 3's and layups and live with the midrange.

But Kawhi is so damn smooth I know it's going in everytime he lets it go from 12 feet.

Man is designed to feast in the playoffs, he's a walking 30 points.




[–]Grizzlies EatDeeply 575 指標 10小時前

Honestly it’s why his game reminds me of Jordan more than anybody else, and yes that includes Kobe. He is not ever being pushed into bad shots. Dude is a focused, methodical bully who just patiently gets into his spots.

Kobe had the attitude and was a midrange god, but he had to expend more athleticism and fast twitch than Kawhi or MJ, who just bodied their wing defenders.


[–]benson822175 175 指標 10小時前

Yeah Kobe was the opposite, took (and made) tons of tough shots instead


[–]Nets Zach_LaVine 119 指標 9小時前

Kobe and KD are like that. Neither get to their spot like MJ or Kawhi do, but whenever any of the 4 of them take a shot, it feels like it’s going in no matter what


[–]Nets WeThePizzas 111 指標 8小時前

I feel like every shot is a good shot for KD cuz he can basically shoot over anyone you put in front of him.


[–]Lakers so-cal_kid 167 指標 9小時前

I can see that. Kawhi has the same ability to overpower his defenders as Jordan did and both have the ginormous hands as well. Kobe just didn't have those physical advantages.


[–]Clippers tylerjehills 142 指標 9小時前

Can you imagine Kobe with Kawhi's body? that just Jordan?



[–]Knicks smileyfrown 120 指標 9小時前

I think it would be like A slightly bigger Jordan


[–]no_stopping25 84 指標 8小時前

Kobe had a similar build as MJ he just didn’t have the massive hands and wasn’t as athletic. Might’ve been around 10 pounds lighter. Kawhi is bigger than both of them


[–]heej 24 指標 5小時前

MJ was definitely bigger all around tho when you look at the comparisons. Like bigger shoulders, hips, just overall frame. MJ was a fucking freak lol. Centers used to just bounce off him when he went up for dunks. I feel like he literally just had some kind of Iron Man bone density. Only Kawhi and Zion (and for some reason Rui Hachimura) give me that same feeling. LeBron's bulk seems a lot softer than Kawhis for some reason.


[–]RaptorsXelferx 32 指標 4小時前

Idk, LeBron back in Miami days looked way bigger than kawhi does today. LeBron is also older now and I assume has been slowly dropping his weight 5lbs?? every year to reduce wear on his joints over time?

What do I know though... I just watch lol




[–]Raptors slamdunk23 306 指標 12小時前

Kawhi back in MJ form for the playoffs again


[–]bayfaraway 19 指標 10小時前

That was my thought as well. Like MJ, you can’t stop him even with good defense. He can get to his spot with strength and finish over you, or fade away from you.


[–]Rockets Frostbrine 17 指標 9小時前

To be fair, he’s playing against the Nuggets


[–]Nets WeThePizzas 21 指標 9小時前

On a days rest after a seven game series yeah but none the less Kawhi is Kawhi. I expect him to light it up all playoffs.


[–]Grizzlies EatDeeply 179 指標 10小時前

Actually the first player who really looks like MJ when they are taking over. Deliberate, methodical and efficient.


[–][DAL] Dirk Nowitzki constantlymat 133 指標 9小時前

The funny thing is Kawhi in his prime looks like 34-35 year old MJ and is probably currently the best player in the NBA. That just shows you how absurdly great MJ was during his first threepeat.


[–]Impressive-Potato 92 指標 8小時前

Kawhi is probably not in his physical prime anymore, since he has a chronic knee problem. Athletes in their prime don't need to load manage their way to the playoffs.


[–]softnmushy 18 指標 8小時前

While is extremely similar to MJ, he just doesn't have the same stamina. Probably due to his chronic injury issues.

If he wasn't limited, I could see him consistently scoring 40 a game on high efficiency.



[–]Trail Blazers Mcfallen_5 47 指標 7小時前

which is unfortunate since he is most certainly in his prime as a basketball player.


[–]Mavericks suprememontana 19 指標 5小時前

Just shows how rare a guy like LeBron is, to be such an exceptional athlete and so skilled is one thing, but to be able to do it consistently for 17 years, bearly missing games and almost never playing below his standard. Even with the advances in medical science we’ll probably never see another player with the durability of LeBron ever again, he’s just built different.



[–]Kings PabFOz 217 指標 11小時前

This is when people completely miss the point of analytics. Three pointers and layups are the most efficient shots for the AVERAGE player, but when you have guys that are killer post or mid-range jump shooters, that suddenly becomes a really good shot. And analytics agree.


[–][POR] Damian Lillard mccainjames11 125 指標 11小時前

When you're shooting 80% on these shots like Kawhi, you're getting like 1.6 points per possession, if you're shooting 3's at 45%, even 50%, you're still not as efficient as Kawhi is on these shots. That's the point of analytics


[–]Warriors pikindaguy 10 指標 8小時前

How sustainable is it though? If defenders are now expecting him to go for layups but will guard the mid range it's hard to imagine it'll stay 80% throughout the entire playoffs.


[–]XY HopGuy 64 指標 8小時前

then his 3 point shot and postups become easier. thats the value of midrange.


[–]Suns Kaderaide 9 指標 8小時前

That’s where his playmaking has to come in. If his gravity dictates that defenders need to be glued to him within like 25 feet, then on any kind of pick and roll he’ll be either able to get an easy (for him) mid range or dump it off to the roller who’s man had to stick too close to kawhi


[–][LAL] Kyle Kuzma IdiotCharizard 54 指標 11小時前

The reason he's shooting it this well is that defenders are trained to give up that shot and let people get to mid-range spots rather than 3's or layups. And it works because most players don't work on their mid-range like they used to

And that's all because analytics said so. Any player right now who can get a quality mid-range look and knock it down is extremely OP in the current game, but only if they can also shoot from 3 and drive.


[–][LAC] Blake Griffin -Silky_Johnson 9 指標 10小時前

So essentially Lebron and Kawhi are going to be extra OP this playoffs because everyone is so concerned with not giving up threes or layups.


[–]FollowMeOutOfTheCave 34 指標 10小時前

Tbh I haven’t seen lebron hit the midrange consistently since he has put a laker uniform on. Doesn’t even look for it as a shot really, it’s more of a last ditch option


[–]Spurs ImMeltingNow 15 指標 10小時前

Lebron doesn’t have nearly as consistent a 3-pt shot as Kawhi does but kawhi isn’t as good at finishing layups. Lebron also fluctuates in his midrange game compared to kawhi but it seems to consistently show up during important games somehow.



[–]Clippers GermanHabsFan 100 指標 13小時前

He's a Midrange god


[–]Suns thechemistrychef 8 指標 12小時前

I literally don't remember the last time I saw him miss a midrange


[–][LAL] James Worthy Chevy_Nova_Forever 27 指標 11小時前

Kawhi is a perfect example of why the midrange shot should still be utilized. Kawhi and AD are feasting in the midrange and their teams are doing great.


[–]ShaanR12 18 指標 8小時前

KD also has always relied on midrange more than his 3.


[–]Knicks JG8AB9TL11OBJ12AD13 4 指標 9小時前

It’s wild to look at kawhis career it he can win a ring with the clippers. Best player on a spurs team with hall of fame veterans, took Toronto over the hump, and chose not to team with Lebron and be the man on his own team in LA. How many players were the clear best player on three completely different championship teams? Plus never playing with another all time great(other than Tim Duncan passed his prime)? I know it’s crazy to say, but if he can do it he’s top 15 all time minimum. Maybe even top 10 when it’s all said and done


[–]Lakers Ggalaxiaking 3 指標 10小時前

Please lord, Lakers vs Clippers for Western Conference finals. Hope it surpasses all of our expectations as true fans of the game.


[–]Yacht Club Ayushinator 48 指標 13小時前

Kawhi in the playoffs is the best player in the world. He's better than LeBron.


[–][DET] Stanley Johnson DetroitHooper313 15 指標 13小時前

i disagree.


[–]pockettflip 61 指標 12小時前

Man just the fact that lebrons always the guy you’re comparing everyone to means he’s the best. Chris Bosh said it best “if you’re still wondering if he’s the best at 35, he’s the best...”


[–]Cavaliers benelchuncho 102 指標 12小時前

We’ll see next round, can’t say anything yet. One game with my life on the line I’m still taking LeBron though.


[–]Grand Floridian moneybooy 107 指標 12小時前

If i learned something, never bet against LeBron in the Playoffs. Most People here are straight up delusional.


[–]Lakers saidshewannagotoS0HO 38 指標 12小時前

Recency bias is way too peak in this sub, one game and the best player in the world changes.

Playoff LeBron > Playoff Kawhi.



[–]Spurs greasyfunky 49 指標 12小時前

Im still salty.


[–]ShaanR12 22 指標 9小時前

He was the heir to Tim Duncan man...


[–]Raptors UWhiteBelt 5 指標 7小時前

Honest question, do you feel like Kawhi playing under a Popovich-coached Spurs made him the player he is today?


[–]Heat Doesthisevenmatter7 11 指標 7小時前

I have no doubt I can’t remember his name but their was someone on the Spurs that apparently changed Kawhi’s shot completely. I can’t say if Kawhi would have figured it out on his own, but u also can’t put value on being able to come up behind a player like Tim Duncan and having Pop as a coach especially if your someone with Kawhi’s personality.





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